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Gilmer Farms officially started in 2017, but it was a dream I had for many years.  I’ve always been interested in how people connect, the rituals we share for that connection, and how to create the moments where these intersections can occur.  Food, of course, is an obvious conduit for deep moments of connection, as is the beauty of the natural world.  


There is nothing more gratifying to me than putting a seed in the ground, watching it grow, harvesting its bounty, and preserving all that beautiful produce to enjoy throughout the year.  It’s an experience I love and want to share with others.  But more than the growing and preserving, I love the way in which people share that summer goodness with each other.  Everything from peanut butter sandwiches to fancy holiday charcuterie boards, the way in which people connect is endlessly fascinating to me, and our goal is to help you have more of these moments.


At Gilmer Farms we want you to experience the connection that is so vital to our lives.  Right now, we’re doing that through a little glorious pot of summer fruit, cooked with simple honest ingredients, called jam. But we have big plans for the future; jam is just the first step in our master plan to help you become more connected to yourself, your friends and family, and the earth.  In the meantime, live well and connected! 


Welcome to Gilmer Farms. 

I’m glad you’re here.


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