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Where is the summer going??

We've noticed a lot of you have been visiting, and we wanted to give you a mid season update as we can't believe it's already August. Where did the summer go??

We've been busy - really busy - in the kitchen cooking up old favorites and creating new classics. Our fruit season in Utah has been later than normal due to the cool, wet spring. Most fruit is two weeks or more behind schedule, so we've just finished up sour cherries, and apricots remain in full swing. We're also now headed into blackberries, peaches, melons, late season raspberries, plums, and pears. The best is yet to come!

We're so busy cooking, that we haven't had a chance to label and prepare all the beautiful jams for the website. But don't worry, we're getting there, and if you sign up for our newsletter, you'll be the first to know when the new jams are ready for creating tasty moments with friends and family!

Here's the 2019 jam line up (and there will probably be a few more depending on what's fresh and what we're dreaming about):

- Sour Cherry with Moroccan spices

- Apricot, Vanilla and Gewürztraminer - an all time favorite from our kitchen!

- Blackberry, Lemon Verbena - a Gilmer Farms classic

- Blackberry Spice

- Peach, Bourbon, Vanilla - sweet, smokey and just plain delicious!

- Peach Ginger - the best glaze for pork and poultry we've ever tried

- Raspberry with Star Anise

- Plum, Vanilla and Star Anise - another Gilmer Farms classic

- Summer Melon (w/ & w/o pink peppercorns - we just can't make up our minds!)

- Pear, Sage and Chestnut Honey

- Pear, Rosemary and Pinecone Bud Syrup - this one has a really cool story...

- Sweet pickled Asian Pears - amazing... unexpectedly amazing

- Mulled Wine Jelly - will be a late season production

It's been a great season so far, and more is on the way! We hope you're having a great summer, taking some time for family, friends and fun!

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