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It was late at night in 1753, with snow quietly falling, in the village of Bergkarlan, Sweden, when I came into this world.


A skilled woodcarver picked up a piece of pine wood and with each deft move of his blade, brought me to life. He breathed mischief and joy into me with bright colors, and then gave me to his children and friends to play with. Today, when I close my eyes, I see their big smiles and hear their cries of delight.


Four hundred years later — where does the time go?  I made it to America, and I saw something I never expected.  Busy people, everywhere.  Running from one thing to the next, on their phones and returning emails and driving to soccer practice and . . . well, you get the idea.


I decided we all could use a little more whimsy and joy in our lives (I don’t want to brag, but I do whimsy and joy pretty well.) My mission is simple: help all of us celebrate the simple things in life.


I’ll be popping up from time to time, to remind you to take a second and reconnect with yourself, your family and your community.


Sharing joy.


It's what I do.


(Did I say I love my job?)

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