Updated: Jun 24, 2019

Summer is upon us, and frankly, I barely know what happened to winter and spring. Truth be told, this is my favorite time of year as we embark on the 2019 jam and pickle season! Although it feels like just a blip, we had a busy winter. We have been working on the design and construction of a commercial kitchen so we can create new recipes and capitalize on the fresh produce Utah has to offer. We have also been designing our 2019 gardens to maximize fruit and vegetable production for our jam and pickles. And we’ve had a little fun too, skiing and snowshoeing through the beautiful Wasatch mountains.

We have a great line up for this summer and I eagerly await sour cherries from Willard Bay, peaches from Brigham City, and melons from Green River. We encourage you to support local farmers and producers this summer season and you can find local products and farms at Utah’s Own website,

We’re looking forward to seeing old friends this season, as well as making new ones. At Gilmer Farms, we’re all about connecting people to each other, and we hope our products will make it easy for you to get together and enjoy this summer season!

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