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The transition from fall to winter is one of quiet reflection for gardens everywhere, and Gilmer Farms is no different. Watching the leaves on my beloved plum tree gently fall and surround the trunk makes me sad that summer is over, but happy for the respite that winter brings. Shorter, darker days feel like nature’s way of telling us to slow down and take a breather after the endless warmth of summer. We spend a good bit of time buttoning up the garden for winter as we rake and mulch leaves, turn the compost one last time, and put the fish to bed in their ponds for the winter. It’s a busy time of year pruning, cleaning, trimming and getting ready for the quiet of snow. We also use this time of year to prep for the holiday season – taking inventory of jam and pickles, getting ready for holiday orders, and mapping our route to hand deliver treats for family and friends, old and new. Nothing brings us more happiness than when someone tells us how they enjoyed our jams with their holiday dinner, or Tuesday night PB&J. Our goal at Gilmer Farms is to give people an opportunity to connect to each other, using pure, simple food. After all, eating is something everyone has to do, so why not make it more connected, more mindful, and more fulfilling?

As we slip into the holiday season and the dark winter evenings, let’s take a few moments to enjoy the coziness winter brings. Take a cue from your dog or cat, and stretch out for a nap. Take the opportunity to get caught up on books you’ve wanted to read, movies you’ve wanted to watch, and conversations you’ve been putting off. Light a candle, turn on the music, channel your inner Golder Retriever and just BE. #onthefarm


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